1st birthday, officially in the bag

I am extremely happy to report that Mac Tech SA has officially held it’s 1st year anniversary event on the 9th of October, and to date, it has been one of our best events.


We had an amazing mix of people, a fantastic vibe and energy, and some of the best foods to fill our bellies.

We were able to explore some of the deeper hidden iOS 8 features with my talk, and learn about some new and updates gems for iOS 8 thanks to Lynette’s talk.


Mac Tech SA has been able to forge some great relationships which have blossomed into sponsorships. Some of our favourite sponsors were all to happy to get onboard for our big birthday, and we are ever-grateful for each and every one of them!

Some of the amazing goodies that we were able to giveaway included:


Our full of sponsors include:

butlers-pizza-logoLogoLogoDC Logo 220Afrihost-logologo_transparentLogoWebsite LogoLogoSC_Supporter_Badge-2500x2500SpurWhiteSquirrelLogo

We were very fortunate in raising some money for our very deserving beneficiary too.

R950 to be exact. Thank you so much to everybody that attended and paid your entrance fee.

This is going to help some very deserving Lion Hearts!!

iPads for Lionhearts

Our amazing photographer, Idé, from White Squirrel has released the snaps she took of the event, and they are gorgeous!

They will be online on our Facebook page shortly, so feel free to tag yourself and share too.



I will announce the winners of the app promo codes on our Facebook Page along with the photos, so watch the page for updates.


Thanks again to everyone that attended, and I look forward to seeing you all for our last event of 2014 in November/December


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