[iOS App] Discover new music every week with Noon Pacific

gqJshWNyThere are few feelings in our tech-driven worlds as good as discovering something new. Am I right?

A new series to indulge in, a new Youtube channel to waste away the hours, and of course, new music to make the [insert verb here] to work and back bearable.

But how do you discover new, GOOD, music, legally, and for free? Well that’s the tricky part.

Yes you can troll Youtube, or subscribe to your heart’s content on Soundcloud. But at the end of the day, that’s a lot of energy used for music that, well, might not actually be that great.


So sit back, relax, and let Clark Dinnison, Creator of the Noon Pacific App, do the all the hard work, and send you a mixtape every week of the hottest and best tracks from music blogs around the world. Continue reading

Have fun with the iOS Screensaver for your Mac

Zshoosh up your Mac with a simple screensaver that emulates the iOS 7 lock screen.


This was originally built by BodySoulSpirit and is now working in collaboration with Little Endian Game Studios.


The screensaver is really gorgeous to look at, and will definitely earn a double-take from the lookey-loos of your Mac tomorrow…

Download the .screensaver file and open to install it.

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[Review] Make lights fun again with Yeelight

Even I am a bit skeptical about that title…How can you make lights fun?

Also, again? Was it ever fun?

I digress…


Chinese company Yeelight has managed to create an LED light bulb.

Good for them right?

Nope, good for you!

The LED light is 100% controllable from your iPhone through Low-energy Bluetooth and an app.


Why exactly would you want to control your light/s with your smartphone? Let’s take a look shall we…


After physically installing the light bulb, which is like installing any other light bulb by the way, go ahead a download the app from the app store.

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[Review] Keep your Mac light on its feet with Clean My Mac

cleanmymacWhen it comes to choosing software to keep your Mac clean, tidy, and performing well, one really has to be careful with what you choose.

If the product is not over-priced or does nothing for you, it’s probably riddled with malware or even worse…

But Mac Myriad takes this very seriously, and so without any hint of a doubt, can happily recommend, Clean My Mac.


Mac Paw has been building some pretty amazing software for quite some time now, but their flag-ship app without a doubt, has to be, Clean My Mac. So much so, that it’s just undergone a huge face-lift with the release of version 3.

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[Review] Save your precious mobile data with TripMode

TripMode-Logo-HomeWhen we learned about the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS so many years ago, we were over the moon to have it.

But having the kind of feature that lets you share your mobile data with pretty much any other device you want, does come with some drawbacks.

And the biggest drawback? Your mobile data gets used, and very much abused by your sharing device/s as an unlimited data connection.


How many times have I rejoiced, having the quick and easy solution of getting data on my Mac by connecting to my iPhone? Countless!

How many times have I sworn at my Mac in the same instance, since the machine drained my mobile data thanks to a quick and dirty App Store update, DropBox sync, delayed iTunes download from late-night gaming the night before? See above for answer!

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Mac Myriad presents… “Final Cut Pro like a Boss”

Mac Myriad is extremely proud to be able to bring one of our very first speakers of the original Mac Tech SA group, Daniëlle Nel, who will be wow’ing our guests next week with amazing tips, techniques and tricks on wrangling the latest in Final Cut Pro X.


Get your tickets here


Daniëlle is one of the foremost experts in the Country on Final Cut Pro, and is always eager to part with wisdom to those that want it. Have a look at her full bio on our “Speakers Wall of Fame

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.44.46


We are delighted to have our usual partners on board for this event as well. Come and see what we are giving away from Digicape this month, and come listen what Rockit Distribution will be showing off too. (Did you see what I did there??? Did you????)

We will be chowing down on Butler’s amazing pizzas and gulping down Sir Fruit by the bottle!

And if energy is what you need, Scheckters has got you covered!


Our great partner at Friends of Design is really eager to show off their latest renovations to their venue too, so get in there!

Get your tickets here!


If you have any questions, grab me on lee@macmyriad.co.za or even 079 882 3109


See you next week!