[Review] Make lights fun again with Yeelight

Even I am a bit skeptical about that title…How can you make lights fun?

Also, again? Was it ever fun?

I digress…


Chinese company Yeelight has managed to create an LED light bulb.

Good for them right?

Nope, good for you!

The LED light is 100% controllable from your iPhone through Low-energy Bluetooth and an app.


Why exactly would you want to control your light/s with your smartphone? Let’s take a look shall we…


After physically installing the light bulb, which is like installing any other light bulb by the way, go ahead a download the app from the app store.

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[Review] Keep your Mac light on its feet with Clean My Mac

cleanmymacWhen it comes to choosing software to keep your Mac clean, tidy, and performing well, one really has to be careful with what you choose.

If the product is not over-priced or does nothing for you, it’s probably riddled with malware or even worse…

But Mac Myriad takes this very seriously, and so without any hint of a doubt, can happily recommend, Clean My Mac.


Mac Paw has been building some pretty amazing software for quite some time now, but their flag-ship app without a doubt, has to be, Clean My Mac. So much so, that it’s just undergone a huge face-lift with the release of version 3.

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[Review] Save your precious mobile data with TripMode

TripMode-Logo-HomeWhen we learned about the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS so many years ago, we were over the moon to have it.

But having the kind of feature that lets you share your mobile data with pretty much any other device you want, does come with some drawbacks.

And the biggest drawback? Your mobile data gets used, and very much abused by your sharing device/s as an unlimited data connection.


How many times have I rejoiced, having the quick and easy solution of getting data on my Mac by connecting to my iPhone? Countless!

How many times have I sworn at my Mac in the same instance, since the machine drained my mobile data thanks to a quick and dirty App Store update, DropBox sync, delayed iTunes download from late-night gaming the night before? See above for answer!

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[Review] “Flower Power” adds tech to gardening

Flower-logoI’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical about this one.


“It monitors your plants and tells you what you need to do” I was told.


I had to try it to believe it.


And I am glad to say that I am most definitely now a believer!


The Flower Power from gadget-experts, Parrot, is the perfect addition to your garden if you love using tech to help improve life.

IMG_0133                 IMG_0131

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[Review] Stay charged with the Sailing 2 Bank

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 21.31.10If you are reading this from within the borders of our beautiful country, South Africa, you no doubt know, and plan your life around, the phenomenon that is Load Shedding.

Lucky for you, this won’t be a rant about how bad it sucks, because it really does. But there are few things in our modern, tech-driven lives that blow as hard as hearing the power click off in your home, and you realise you haven’t yet plugged in your laptop, haven’t charged your phone, and now the wifi is out. And if you haven’t charged your MIFI, then it’s back to the stone age for you 🙂


But I think I have found the solution, or at least one of many…


Enter the Romoss Sailing 2 Bank.

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[Review] Get the most out of your recordings with the iTrack Pocket…


You know that feeling, when you discover a new artist online, somewhere, somehow?

That feeling can be so amazing most times, that it will carry you through to the end of the video, and you’ll give the artist a thumbs up. Heck, you might even subscribe! (speaking of subscribing….do it!)

But sometimes, the quality is not all there…and this makes us #NotLOL

If the video quality is a bit poor, I can let it go (My son has been singing the chorus to Frozen for the whole weekend, now you get to sing it in your head too). I can close my eyes and enjoy the music as it was intended.

But there are those times, when the audio quality is just so sucky, that you wonder if they even listened to it before they hit upload.


This is now officially a thing of the past…the poor audio quality that is.

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