Have fun with the iOS Screensaver for your Mac

Zshoosh up your Mac with a simple screensaver that emulates the iOS 7 lock screen.


This was originally built by BodySoulSpirit and is now working in collaboration with Little Endian Game Studios.


The screensaver is really gorgeous to look at, and will definitely earn a double-take from the lookey-loos of your Mac tomorrow…

Download the .screensaver file and open to install it.

Once installed just head to your System Preferences ( menu) and get into Desktop and Screensaver, and finally, tap on the Screensaver Tab.

Find the newly installed “iOS Lockscreen” Screensaver, and setup any options you would like to.

These would include options like unlocking the screensaver with anything (clicks and keys) or only a slide (one finger right-slide on the trackpad)

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 16.33.10

Changing the wallpaper to anything that you’d like to (Grab all the iOS stock wallpapers here), as well as the unlock text-string would probably be among some others you’d try.

The rest are fairly simple and unexciting, so give them a bash 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 16.08.43

The screen saver is 100% free, so there really isn’t any reason why not right?


Have fun with this one!


Chow-Chow for now,




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