[iOS App] Discover new music every week with Noon Pacific

gqJshWNyThere are few feelings in our tech-driven worlds as good as discovering something new. Am I right?

A new series to indulge in, a new Youtube channel to waste away the hours, and of course, new music to make the [insert verb here] to work and back bearable.

But how do you discover new, GOOD, music, legally, and for free? Well that’s the tricky part.

Yes you can troll Youtube, or subscribe to your heart’s content on Soundcloud. But at the end of the day, that’s a lot of energy used for music that, well, might not actually be that great.


So sit back, relax, and let Clark Dinnison, Creator of the Noon Pacific App, do the all the hard work, and send you a mixtape every week of the hottest and best tracks from music blogs around the world.


The app is stylish, simplistic and effective.

Push notifications will alert you every Monday when a new mixtape is available. There are quite a few to choose from (139 right now).


A new mixtape is released every Monday, at exactly the same time, Noon, wait for it, Pacific Time. I know, cheesy. Nonetheless, this means 9Pm on our side of the world in the Mother City.


With just 1 short of 140 mixtapes, each featuring 10 tracks, the Unlimited-Skip feature is most welcome!

The new Playlist feature also lets you not only see the artist and track name, but also includes some sharing abilities.

You can share via iMessage, Facebook and Twitter, and even hit a direct link to the track on Sound Cloud.


With the competition so fierce right now with so many music-streaming providers all wanting your few dollars a month to play what you want to hear, it’s refreshing to find something like Noon Pacific, aggregating good music, and wrapping it up like a little surprise every Monday for you.

I can’t think of better way to end off a Monday, any Monday.


The app is Free, and all the music is free to listen to, so why not?


Chow-Chow for now



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