[Review] Get the most out of your recordings with the iTrack Pocket…


You know that feeling, when you discover a new artist online, somewhere, somehow?

That feeling can be so amazing most times, that it will carry you through to the end of the video, and you’ll give the artist a thumbs up. Heck, you might even subscribe! (speaking of subscribing….do it!)

But sometimes, the quality is not all there…and this makes us #NotLOL

If the video quality is a bit poor, I can let it go (My son has been singing the chorus to Frozen for the whole weekend, now you get to sing it in your head too). I can close my eyes and enjoy the music as it was intended.

But there are those times, when the audio quality is just so sucky, that you wonder if they even listened to it before they hit upload.


This is now officially a thing of the past…the poor audio quality that is.

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2014 is done, and so is our name…

Without getting too nostalgic and soppy, I could not be happier with the way that Mac Tech SA not only flourished in 2014, but also how it ended off the year of 2014.


We hosted our last event of the year at our besties, Friends of Design.
As per always, Philipp and his team were beyond amazing with hosting us, and Philipp even managed to make time in his schedule to attend his first Mac Tech SA 🙂 Thanks Philipp.

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1st birthday, officially in the bag

I am extremely happy to report that Mac Tech SA has officially held it’s 1st year anniversary event on the 9th of October, and to date, it has been one of our best events.


We had an amazing mix of people, a fantastic vibe and energy, and some of the best foods to fill our bellies.

We were able to explore some of the deeper hidden iOS 8 features with my talk, and learn about some new and updates gems for iOS 8 thanks to Lynette’s talk.

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Special Keynote-Viewing event at Digicape for iPhone 6 (and so much more…)

DC Logo 220butlers-pizza-logo


One of Mac Tech SA’s biggest support and sponsors, Digicape, was all to happy to host a special Keynote-Viewing event for the gang of geeks from Mac Tech SA last night. And oh boy, what a night it was!

Not only was the venue perfectly intimate for the kind of occasion, but it resonated deeply with everyone’s technological heart that attended too.

Digicape is known to many as THE Premium Apple Reseller in South Africa, and their modern corporate offices reflected as much.

Digicape sponsored not only their venue, but also enough beer, wine and snacks to make anyone’s banting lifestyle scream quietly on the inside, while they indulged of course!

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August is done and dusted

So I am super-happy to report back that our August event went off without a single hitch!

This tweet summed it up!

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 20.57.27


Our first international speaker, Allen Hancock, was incredibly talented in his talk.

Not only was he able to demo the entire process of managing and monitoring any Mac with his amazing software, Watchman Monitoring, but also managed to multi-task with me sending him questions from the audience through Skype. Very impressed Allen…it clearly was not your first time 🙂

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Mac Tech SA August is happening…with an international flair

I am so proud of how our little group has begun to flourish as a respected monthly user forum.

The month of August is going down with a bang!


I have been very fortunate in connecting with Watchman Monitoring Inc Founder, Allen Hancock, for this meet up, and other ventures.


Allen is no noob to the Apple world, and if anything, can be hailed as a veteran.

His software, Watchman Monitoring, allows for remote monitoring and reporting on Macs within your office or home network.

Allen will be gracing us with his presence on Thursday evening, albeit digitally, to speak about this amazing software of his, and answer all the techie questions we can throw at him. I am so excited to hear what Allen has to say!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.51.41

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Mac Tech SA – May

Calling all Apple professionals!


After the Holiday Madness, Mac Tech SA is back!

March was to date the most successful event held by Mac Tech SA, and we are going to push hard to top it!

We have been extremely lucky in being able to secure an amazing venue for the month of May, at the state-of-art Parklands College.


Parklands College is part of the One2One initiative from Apple, allowing the college to use Apple products in their day-to-day education with the students of all grades.

Definitely our kind of school!

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Mac Tech SA Launch is finally here!

It has been a long time coming with many months of preparation and trepidation, but it’s official…

Mac Tech SA is ready to launch, and will be hosting their first event on the 3rd of October, 2013.


For the official RSVP invite, simply go here: mactechsalaunch.splashthat.com/mactechsa

But here are the details in a nutshell:


Location: Spice4Life HQ, Paddocks shopping centre, Milnerton, Cape Town 

Spice4Life has come onboard with Mac Tech SA and is official our first sponsor, and to kick off the proceedings, they will be providing their stunning studio offices as our very first venue.

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