[Review] Keep your Mac light on its feet with Clean My Mac

cleanmymacWhen it comes to choosing software to keep your Mac clean, tidy, and performing well, one really has to be careful with what you choose.

If the product is not over-priced or does nothing for you, it’s probably riddled with malware or even worse…

But Mac Myriad takes this very seriously, and so without any hint of a doubt, can happily recommend, Clean My Mac.


Mac Paw has been building some pretty amazing software for quite some time now, but their flag-ship app without a doubt, has to be, Clean My Mac. So much so, that it’s just undergone a huge face-lift with the release of version 3.

Clean My Mac does, well, exactly as the name implies, clean your Mac. It really doesn’t sound very exciting…but wait, there’s more.

With Version 3, CMM now comes with a host of Maintenance and Health & Monitoring tools as well. Mac Paw have really, quite cleverly I might add, created a must-have app for all Mac Owners.


Let break down what CMM can do…


First, there’s the obvious, cleaning aspect. So what does it “clean”?

First it runs through your “System Junk” (Their words, not mine). system-junk

This includes some uber space-hog items like Language files, Caches, Log files, binaries, development junk, broken login-items, broken preferences and finally iOS photo cache. Just mentioning these items will give any admin goose-bumps, knowing just how many gigs of precious hard drive space is being wasted on it.

Then there’s “iPhoto Junk”

photoiPhoto? Junk? Can’t be!

Did you know that when you upload and sync photos to your iPhoto, iPhoto very nicely auto-rotates them into the same orientation? Nice right? Except for the fact that it keeps a duplicate copy of every photo that it has to auto-rotate!

Did you also know that every time you edit a photo, big or small, iPhoto very politely saves you a copy of the original, hidden deep down in the bowels of the now aged-iPhoto library as a backup? Yeah, me neither.

So, does iPhoto have junk? YES!


Now let’s take a moment to discuss the first of many new features in V3, “Mail attachments”mail

Every time you receive an email, with any sort of attachment or media, embedded or not, OS X goes ahead and saves this to your emails folder, you know, just in case. Also, every time you open an email, it does the exact same thing, just in case.

Why should you care? You know that 2MB PDF you sent recently? To 70 people? The one where 30 people responded to all and started an all-out ReplyToAll royal rumble? Yeah, you probably have 100s of Megs wasted on that. That’s just 1 email!

CMM whacks all those localised copies of emails, as well as locally stored attachments (so long as you haven’t edited them, thank goodness) into the trash and down the drain.

Dont stress though, your mail still works perfectly, and you can still download your attachments again, if you are into that sort of thing.

itunesNext up, “iTunes Junk”.

This is another new feature of V3, and it’s fantastic!

Are you like any other iTunes user around the world? Do you have some old broken download files in your iTunes library? What about iOS apps, but don’t sync your iDevice with the apps? Backups from your first iPhone? IPSW software updates?

You don’t know? Join the crowd!

Run CMM on your iTunes, and you’ll be shocked and amazed what is being kept in the background, for, you know, just in case.

“Trash Bins”

Did you notice the “s” at the end of that one? I didn’t. But I ran the test anyways, for sake of a complete review, and low and behold, your Mac has multiple trash bins.trash

Yes Yes, I know, your MAC only has one! But CMM digs deeper, into any other locations that trash may exist. Like your emails. Like apps that support trash (looking at you iPhoto!). Like drives with localised trash, and even, your own OS X Trash. Well, the OS X Trash is not that impressive. But if you ever have issues deleting things out the trash, which are normally permissions-based issues, CMM will swing in with Root access and take it out for you, no probs.


And then an oldie, but a goodie, “Large and Old files”

Remember that 2GB Keynote file you made for that presso that time 4 years ago? Yeah, me neither!

lofThose monolithic files that are sitting on the backups, still, to this day, we have on our Macs (just in case). Remember the holiday photos you took all those years ago? The ones you sent to everyone, and kept a copy on the external of, after uploading to iPhoto?

Yeah, maybe it’s time to run CMM.

Especially with this feature, but definitely with all the others too, be sure to hit the “review items” button before you just destroy all these files into oblivion. If you do find a couple of necessary evils there, just unselect them.

This is where the “cleaning up” side of Clean My Mac ends.

To be honest, if the app just stopped there, it would still be worth every cent with these features alone.

But it doesn’t πŸ™‚


Here are some “Maintenance” items that you should take a look at…


uninstallLet’s start with the “Uninstaller”

Is there a better way to uninstall an app than dragging it to the trash? You know the answer already.

Just dragging it to the trash leaves all sorts of files behind, including caches, trashes, saved states and even more.

But uninstall it with CMM, and you will actually see all the various files, and whack them immediately! No broken file left behind, the Clean My Mac way!

Introducing a new maintenance item….please welcome, “Maintenance”

I really struggled with that line, can you tell?maintenance

Maintenance is new, and oh boy, what a winner!

It starts off with “Maintenance scripts”, which are great little scripts that can be run on a daily schedule if you want. These include the likes of deleting temp files, compressing and archiving log files, rebuilding system databases and the likes thereof.

Then you can rebuild the mail and spotlight databases, making indexing and searching a lot faster.

A quick tick and click will “flush the DNS cache” too.

And then, lending a hand from Disk Utility, it can go ahead and verify your disks, and even repair their permissions too. Much handier for the average joe than getting into DU.

Moving on, there’s another new feature in V3, called “Privacy”.

privacyBasically, it takes all the hassle out of going to the individual apps to remove all your recent interactions and searches and such. At the moment it seems there is functionality for your browser, Skype, Messages and the Finder.

Want to remove your old conversations? Past searches? This is the place. Β This is really becoming a central hub for all things “maintenance” and cleanup on the Mac so far.

Let’s chat about “Extensions”

Extensions are awesome! They allow my apps to do so much more than originally designed right?

But with every extension, comes the responsibility to remove it, when you no longer need it.extensions

Ain’t nobody got time to go to each app and find all the installed extensions, and then decide if you want to keep them or not.

Just run CMM. Hit Extensions. Let CMM find every single one, and then you choose what to keep, and what to whack. Easy, done!

Need to delete “sensitive” files securely? Use the “Shredder”

shredderThis feature is not unknown to Mac Admins, allowing for a 7-time erase of data, but it’s a bit of a pain to do it though. So why not load up CMM, pick the file, click, done?!
And then, the last aspect of Clean My Mac. “Health and Monitoring”

This is brand new in the arsenal of CMM tools, but it definitely is one of my favourites.

The new V3 of CMM includes a “Dashboard”, which gives you a pretty comprehensive overview of your Mac’s performance in real-time. Pulling data from multiple tools and locations in OS X, Dashboard is a really smart way to stay on top of what is happening with your machine.

dashboardOf the things you will see, includes your battery, if it’s a laptop of course, your major hardware components (RAM, CPU, Disk usage) and any critical notifications from the app.


It sounds sweet and simple, but you can tell what condition your battery is in, and how many charge cycles it’s been through.

The disk/s will show what kind of data is taking up your space, and your CPU will show you what’s happening at the core of your Mac.

But the Ram, is very special.

You can see how your Ram is doing, with mainly how much is available at any time. But best of all, you can flush your Ram cache at any time with one click. Your Mac will swop files out from your ram to your disk if they aren’t regularly used, and create a cache. Freeing up Ram will remove these caches, while protecting your data of course.

menuWhat could make this overview of my machine any better? A menu-bar icon of course.

With one click, without opening Clean My Mac, you can quickly observe your RAM, CPU, HDD, Battery and Trash, with a link to open CMM. Oh yeah, you can flush your temporary Ram from here too πŸ™‚

This will even show you alerts for some pressing issues. Issues like Heavy Memory-Use, High Disk Temp, Failing SSD and Critical Battery Life.


So, is that enough to justify purchasing Clean My Mac? I should hope so! If not, you’ve got this far, you might as well πŸ™‚


A single licence of CMM will set you back $39.95 (about R480).

Definitely not the cheapest app you’ve bought this year, but there’s no question, the most feature-rich, and necessary app for your Mac! (Yes, Angry birds can wait)

Get licensing for 2 machines for $59.95 (about R720)

Or simply load up for the family for 5 licenses at $89.95 (R1000)

Whichever way you look at it…it’s true value for money!


Buuuuuut, if it’s too rich for your blood….why not pop into Mac Myriad on Thursday….and maybe you can walk away with a free license πŸ™‚


Go, Get it, Do it, Done!


You can thank me later πŸ™‚


Chow-Chow for now






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