[Review] Make lights fun again with Yeelight

Even I am a bit skeptical about that title…How can you make lights fun?

Also, again? Was it ever fun?

I digress…


Chinese company Yeelight has managed to create an LED light bulb.

Good for them right?

Nope, good for you!

The LED light is 100% controllable from your iPhone through Low-energy Bluetooth and an app.


Why exactly would you want to control your light/s with your smartphone? Let’s take a look shall we…


After physically installing the light bulb, which is like installing any other light bulb by the way, go ahead a download the app from the app store.

When you flip the switch on the light, it won’t come on, yet. Like I said, it’s controlled by your phone.

So in order to get your phone chatting with the Yeelight, install the app, open it up, and it will immediately prompt you to pair with a compatible Yeelight..


A very  quick pairing process will now have you connected and ready to go. At this point you could even name your newly-paired bulb, as you might have multiple connected (think lounge, bedroom etc)

Now that you are connected, you only get access to 1 button…the ON button (I know, I know…).

You’ll be amazed at how responsive the bulb is to your bluetooth-driven command from your phone.

When the bulb is switched on, it goes into “light” mode (the brightest mode), and sets the brightness option to 100%. Pretty darn bright if the bulb is without a lamp shade of sorts (trust me, I know).

But now that the light is on, and connected, you can control some cool aspects of it.screen568x568-3

On the normal mode (1 of 3), you can adjust 2 aspects, which is brightness and colour.

The brightness simply works on a % scale, and colours include, well, a lot of colours…16 million to be exact.

Once you are done playing with your colours and brightness, and even flipping it on and off again, move over to option 2 on the app, “light”.

screen568x568-2It does exactly as you would think, BRIGHT as all heck! Highest brightness, and nice yellow-ey tinge to the colour, great for waking up to 🙂


But here’s the best option, option number 3, “Flowing”.

This allows you to send the colour scheme to change colours on a pattern. The pattern can be time-driven
with an interval, or can even sync up to your music playing on your iPhone.

You pick a handful of colours from the palette, and this becomes your flowing colour scheme.


I think you’ll agree, that this means a lot of manual control and adjustments right?

When you want a romantic mood, you are going to have to go into the app, set the colour, and the brightness. But when it’s time for your mates to come over for a get-together, you are going to have change to perhaps flowing, and pick the colours of your favourite sports team for the night.


Thank goodness you can save your favourites, and simply activate them with a touch. Kind of like speed-dial, for your house-lights.

And one last feature, timing.screen568x568-4

You can set your Yeelight to come on at a certain time, and simply switch off at a certain time.

This is a fantastic option for parents with kids, switching off the night-light at a certain time, and waking you back up at a certain time again in the AM.


What is also very impressive, is the fact that the new version of the Yeelight, the Yeelight II, has support for iBeacon. So you could have the light react differently based on your proximity to it.

I can picture a store light, getting brighter, and focusing more on an item, the closer you get to it (subliminal selling anyone?).


Oh, FYI, you also get light-strips from Yeelight! Can you imagine December holiday-time with those!?


So what is a Yeelight going to set you back?

Well, using a mere 6 watts of power, running at a constant 20000 hours, the Yeelight will only cost you R499.


That might sound a bit heavy for just a light bulb, but remember what you gain over your current light/s;

16 million colours! 15,999 more than you have now!

Bluetooth functionality!

iBeacon Compatibility!

The app!

A timer!

And don’t forget, your cool-points are going to shoot through the roof 🙂


Chat to the great team at Digicape and pick up your Yeelight TODAY!

Buuuuuuuut, if it is too rich for your blood (you might see a pattern here now), here’s what you can do.

Come and pop in tomorrow night at Mac Myriad, where Digicape will be giving away one Yeelight for FREE, to a very, very lucky winner! Nice right!?


You know what to do now, and how to do it. So go.


Chow-Chow for now




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