Special Keynote-Viewing event at Digicape for iPhone 6 (and so much more…)

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One of Mac Tech SA’s biggest support and sponsors, Digicape, was all to happy to host a special Keynote-Viewing event for the gang of geeks from Mac Tech SA last night. And oh boy, what a night it was!

Not only was the venue perfectly intimate for the kind of occasion, but it resonated deeply with everyone’s technological heart that attended too.

Digicape is known to many as THE Premium Apple Reseller in South Africa, and their modern corporate offices reflected as much.

Digicape sponsored not only their venue, but also enough beer, wine and snacks to make anyone’s banting lifestyle scream quietly on the inside, while they indulged of course!

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But what would a group of Apple fans be without some real food, to keep the energy levels up for all that live-tweeting?

PIZZA!! And who better to provide Cape Town’s No.1 PIzza? Butlers Pizza of course!

Butlers Pizza was incredibly gracious in sponsoring pizzas for everybody that joined us last night, and it was the perfect companion for the beer, wine and superb geekiness of the evening.


While the streamed event was an absolutely disaster (I’m keeping it clean here folks), what Apple announced was far from it!


From the expected iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, to the known but amazing iOS8, with a twist of U2 and a shocker at the end…


When Tim Cook uttered the famous line from good old days of Jobs-run Apple, you could hear not only the audience at the Flint centre, not only the crowd in our very group, but every geek watching, through a broken stream, from around the world lose their minds and do a happy dance on the inside.


“We would like to show you, one more thing

And there it was, the  Watch…in all its glory.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 13.59.16

Mac Tech SA and Apple Domination will be reviewing as much of the above as possible, and hopefully even get a first-look on some hardware, like we did for the Mac Pro at the beginning of 2014.


For those that attended, thank you so much!

Judging by the feedback, a great time was had by all.

For those that didn’t crack a seat-reservation, don’t worry, we will definitely be doing it again for big Apple events, so listen up for invites during those times. We may be sneaky about them 😉





A huge thanks again to Digicape and to Butlers Pizza.

Mac Tech SA really and truly appreciates your participation in growing and connecting our community so much in Cape Town!


Cheers for now, Lee

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