[Review] Stay charged with the Sailing 2 Bank

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 21.31.10If you are reading this from within the borders of our beautiful country, South Africa, you no doubt know, and plan your life around, the phenomenon that is Load Shedding.

Lucky for you, this won’t be a rant about how bad it sucks, because it really does. But there are few things in our modern, tech-driven lives that blow as hard as hearing the power click off in your home, and you realise you haven’t yet plugged in your laptop, haven’t charged your phone, and now the wifi is out. And if you haven’t charged your MIFI, then it’s back to the stone age for you 🙂


But I think I have found the solution, or at least one of many…


Enter the Romoss Sailing 2 Bank.

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