Welcome to Mac Myriad (Formerly known as Mac Tech SA)

This user group will create a platform for Mac administrators, technicians, users, fanboys and fangirls to come together and share, learn and simply be around our own kind.

The amount of Apple information online has always been abundant. Heck, even the South African online space is becoming a useable source of information for everything Apple.

But the fact of the matter remains, South Africa is by far a Windows-heavy country. This means that Mac-lovers are few and far between, and in most cases work alone in their company supporting their ever-loving users.

So when the opportunity arises to work/play with other Mac-Professionals, it is normally a very well-received and enjoyable experience. I know this all too well, being an Apple Certified Trainer at a company that trains on 12 other IT vendors. Meeting my “students” for the week means that in most cases I get to work with very proficient and intelligent administrators for companies using Macs, big and small.

So if you are an Apple Fan, or possibly thinking about coming over to the dark side, remember, we have cookies!

No but seriously, if you love working with Apple products, then please come and join us for a meet up. If you are thinking about getting more involved in the Mac community , then I think you’ve just found the right platform.