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You know that feeling, when you discover a new artist online, somewhere, somehow?

That feeling can be so amazing most times, that it will carry you through to the end of the video, and you’ll give the artist a thumbs up. Heck, you might even subscribe! (speaking of subscribing….do it!)

But sometimes, the quality is not all there…and this makes us #NotLOL

If the video quality is a bit poor, I can let it go (My son has been singing the chorus to Frozen for the whole weekend, now you get to sing it in your head too). I can close my eyes and enjoy the music as it was intended.

But there are those times, when the audio quality is just so sucky, that you wonder if they even listened to it before they hit upload.


This is now officially a thing of the past…the poor audio quality that is.

Enter the Focusrite iTrack Pocket.


This is such a nifty little gadget (yes, a gadget. A gadgety-device if you must).

It is super-small in size, but it packs such a punch on the quality it produces.


Developed by the world-class Focusrite, the iTrack Pocket is what you need if you are budding recording-artist.

Just dock your iPhone onto it, connect your micro-USB to lightning cable connector from the iPhone to it, and hey presto!

Theres no DC input, which is great, so it runs off of your iPhone’s battery.

(I was a bit skeptical about that in the beginning, but it records at your iPhones full HD quality, and the battery is not hampered by providing juice to the Pocket. Thumbs UP!)

The stereo mic that is built into the sexy enclosure captures premium sound quality, that you would be forgiven for, for assuming it was recorded professionally.

If you are a singer/songwriter, plug in the iPhone and hit record.

If you are more of a muso (This is short for musician, apparently), then the iTrack Pocket has a built-in input, capable of connecting any musical instrument that uses a 1/4″ connector.

This will then override the left channel of stereo mic, and record the instrument too.

Mic + Instrument = “Micro-Studio Awesomeness!” (TradeMark pending)

What really caught me by surprise was the fact that you utilise the Impact app to do the actual recording. No, it didn’t surprise me that you need to use the app, but the amazing quality and options built into the app is pretty spectacular.

The app comes with a visual level monitor, allowing you to keep track of your audio and/or instrument levels. Use the manual gain control to adjust your levels.

It also has the ability to instantly improve your tracks, if needed of course, by allowing you to enhance the audio with some filters and cleanup tools. These tools also include some pretty nifty Guitar Simulation Amps, that include the Twin, Brit and V-AC amps at the moment.

So if you want to crank up the reverb or drive, then look no further.

But here’s the best part of the app…

Once you are done doing any cleanups that you want to, within the app, and even some amp simulations to the final product, you can hit the share button, and upload directly to YouTube.

Yes, you read that line correctly. You can upload the finished product, from within the Impact app, directly to your YouTube account!

I’ll just leave that line there to simmer, and let you take it all in…








So if you want to record your music, vocals, or both, in the best possible quality, you can now do it from everything in your 2 pockets; your iPhone and your iTrack Pocket.


But, and it’s a big BUT…

What if you are NOT the next Ariana Grande or Bruno Mars? And quite frankly, like me, what if you don’t intend to be either? What if you want to record yourself for something else, instead of music?

If you are an inspiring artist, and have a YouTube channel, dedicated to your daily/weekly/monthly videos, then I would still 100% recommend the iTrack Pocket for you.

It’s the perfect stand for your iPhone. No more balancing-acts with books and pencils to stand your phone up.

It has an amazing stereo mic quality, allowing you to record yourself doing your thang.

Can you use it for the next viral YouTube vid? YES!

Knitting, cooking, poetry, puppetry, candle-making…the options are limitless!

Hands-Free. High-Qaulity Video. Better Quality Audio. What more do you need?

And if you are still a little on the fence about whether it will improve the quality of your YouTube Vids, then here’s the video to sway you in the right direction…


You can pick up your very own iTrack Pocket from amazing team at the Marshall Music Store in Cape Town at around the R1500 mark. Why don’t you go price some professional microphones to put that price well into perspective.


But don’t take my word for it, here is Ricardo Tregonning’s feedback on the device, winner of the iTrack Pocket from the February Mac Myriad event:

“I just used the iTrack Pocket to record a meeting at our offices. I am blown away by the audio quality and pickup range of that little mic. Very cool product. So glad I won :)”


Here’s the awesome Promo clip…very cool!


And if you are keen on all things musical and gadgety, or even better, musical gadgets, then why not come check out Mac Myriad’s next event. We have partnered with the incredible team at Rockit Distribution, and they promise to give something away every month that will blow your musical/gadgety mind! The iTrack Pocket was the giveaway at the February 2015 event. Sorry, you missed out 🙁

Thanks to the boys at Rockit Distribution for letting me test this bad boy out…you guys are legends!


My best,





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