Mac Myriad presents… “Final Cut Pro like a Boss”

Mac Myriad is extremely proud to be able to bring one of our very first speakers of the original Mac Tech SA group, Daniëlle Nel, who will be wow’ing our guests next week with amazing tips, techniques and tricks on wrangling the latest in Final Cut Pro X.


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Daniëlle is one of the foremost experts in the Country on Final Cut Pro, and is always eager to part with wisdom to those that want it. Have a look at her full bio on our “Speakers Wall of Fame

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We are delighted to have our usual partners on board for this event as well. Come and see what we are giving away from Digicape this month, and come listen what Rockit Distribution will be showing off too. (Did you see what I did there??? Did you????)

We will be chowing down on Butler’s amazing pizzas and gulping down Sir Fruit by the bottle!

And if energy is what you need, Scheckters has got you covered!


Our great partner at Friends of Design is really eager to show off their latest renovations to their venue too, so get in there!

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If you have any questions, grab me on or even 079 882 3109


See you next week!


[Review] Get the most out of your recordings with the iTrack Pocket…


You know that feeling, when you discover a new artist online, somewhere, somehow?

That feeling can be so amazing most times, that it will carry you through to the end of the video, and you’ll give the artist a thumbs up. Heck, you might even subscribe! (speaking of subscribing….do it!)

But sometimes, the quality is not all there…and this makes us #NotLOL

If the video quality is a bit poor, I can let it go (My son has been singing the chorus to Frozen for the whole weekend, now you get to sing it in your head too). I can close my eyes and enjoy the music as it was intended.

But there are those times, when the audio quality is just so sucky, that you wonder if they even listened to it before they hit upload.


This is now officially a thing of the past…the poor audio quality that is.

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